Here are just some of the ways we can work together.

One on One Coaching

From marketing 101 to trainings to help take hold of your marketing spending, let’s talk!

Inclusion Review

Let’s look at what you have done well or could do well in the future to be a modern, inclusive business.

Team Onboarding + Training

Need someone to manage your business internally, but you both need marketing or social media training? Let’s do it.


From social to overall marketing, I have you covered. Whether we collaborate or you want someone to take the reins, you need strategy to get your effective marketing going.

Social Media Management, influencer seeding

Customizable and scaleable plans for all.

Website builds and Optimizations

Whether you need a site or have one and want some help making it shine, we can work on this together.

Social Media Advertising

Need help setting up audiences or creating campaigns? I’m here to help.

Pitch Decks

Let’s create a beautiful deck that accurately represents your goals as you look for funding.


Do you have an online store or want to have an online store? I can help.