Hi, I’m Michele.

I’ve helped both well known legacy brands and startup brands gain the traction they desire through careful evaluation and planning. I am a choosey - I work with brands that I care about, so we can build something we’re both proud of. And because I embraced being a nerd in high school (and still claim my nerd-dom), I have an edge in the digital space. There aren’t many women in my industry, let along lesbian moms. It’s an industry largely run by men. (I know, I’ve been in the meetings.)

After years of seeing zero diversity, zero representation, and brand communications that look like they were made in 1998, I’m trying to help turn the tide. Who are you trying to get to buy your product? Moms in commercials are often crafted and written by white men in board room meetings. I should know, because I’ve been in those meetings. They don’t represent who mom really is. And what about diversity? It’s just not always there.

Whether you need help getting out of a ‘stuck’ place, need strategy to elevate your brand, or want to grow your audience, I’m here for you. Let’s build your voice.

- Michele

founder, mom, dog mom, vintage ad lover, activist